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We are losing far too many good teachers. An exhausted, dispirited teacher is not what children or parents want or deserve.

The NUT is campaigning for real change on the things that drive unnecessary workload – such as the high stakes accountability system, excessive marking policies and punitive appraisal objectives. Working with other unions, we have a range of guidelines and policies which have been drawn up to help you counter these excesses.

In Wales, Freedom of Information research by NUT Cymru, has highlighted the scale of workload induced stress. More details can be found here.

workload and appraisal

Workload Challenge

The last Government’s response to its workload challenge ignored the central point about reforming the high stakes system of accountability which is driving unnecessary workload for teachers and school leaders.

The NUT published an Eight Steps programme showing the Government how to reduce excessive teacher workload quickly, at little or no cost, in England and Wales.

Workload and stress related illness in Wales

What the NUT has done:

  • Conducted research to establish the extent of the problem via Freedom of Information work.
  • NUT Cymru have raised the concerns of the profession with the Minister and Department for Education on numerous occasions, and continue to do so.
  • NUT Cymru have secured a statement from the Minister agreeing that officials will examine the possibility of running a workload survey to ascertain exactly what the state of play is in Wales in regards to workload. NUT Cymru work is finally defining the problem.

Teachers’ working time and duties guide – 2014

Campaigning on workload and working time issues in school. An NUT guide on teachers’ rights under the STPCD, and the NUT’s policies and advice on workload and working hours

Teachers' Appraisal/Performance Management

From September 2012 Performance Management was rebranded as Appraisal, and schools began to operate new policies. The NUT and NASUWT agreed a joint observation protocol and appraisal checklist to protect against the new policies, which were potentially extremely damaging to teachers and education.

Joint observation protocol English | Welsh
Joint appraisal checklist English | Welsh
Learning Walks Model Policy
Setting of Objectives guidance
Appraisal Case Study
Joint union appraisal policy
Wales Joint Model Performance Management Template

Teachers’ Standards (England)

New Teachers’ Standards for schools in England came into force in September 2012. The NUT has produced a short leaflet and more detailed advice on the pitfalls of the new appraisal system, and a model protocol to adopt.

Marking which leads to excessive workload

Marking is a professional matter and should be in the hands of teachers. NUT campaigning on this issue has seen some success, with new Ofsted guidance on marking requirements making it clear that triple marking, or any scheme that requires excessive written feedback between teacher and student is not needed or sought by Ofsted.

This NUT guidance sets out reasonable marking arrangements for members.

Click here for 'What you can do on marking'

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