NUT urge Cardiff to act to end Danescourt dispute

- 4 March 2011

Commenting upon the situation at Danescourt Primary School, Wales Secretary, David Evans said:

“It is regrettable that the NUT and other Unions representing staff at Danescourt Primary have had to give notice of further proposed strike action. This, as always, is a last resort and the Unions will be happy to suspend the action provided the Local Authority and the Governing Body at the school come up with satisfactory proposals to resolve the dispute. So far, they have offered nothing by way of compromise whilst the Unions, on behalf of the members, have made a number of significant suggestions which have been rejected.

“Cardiff may claim that we are reaching a conclusion of the independent investigation at the school but they have been making that claim since November and we are no further forward. Recently, they have suggested that the investigations may be concluded by 7 March, but have not provided any assurances that that would take place and are not willing to confirm that the wrongfully suspended teachers will be restored to school. That is a situation we cannot allow to continue and the only avenue we have available at this stage is to call for further days of action.

“The staff at the school are united in their resolve to seek a satisfactory conclusion. The support that has been received from parents, many of whom have joined the picket line, have been extremely encouraging and they know that all staff and the Unions do have the education of the children uppermost in there mind. The fact that neither Cardiff County Council nor the Governing Body have made any attempt to put forward proposals to end this dispute, speaks volumes about their inability or lack of desire to ensure that the children do not miss further days at school.

“The NUT and the other Unions are happy to meet with the Governors and the Council at any time to bring this matter to an end. The ball is firmly in their court and it is they who have to act.”