Protect Teachers, Defend Education - Teachers' Appraisal/Performance Management and Capability

From September 2012 Performance Management is being rebranded as Appraisal, and schools will begin to operate new policies. Government changes to the regulations surrounding these issues mean that these new policies could be extremely damaging to teachers and to education.

As part of our joint campaign to protect teachers and defend education the NUT and NASUWT have agreed a joint observation protocol and appraisal checklist, which if implemented in your school would offer significant protections.

We want our members and reps in all schools in England and Wales to work together to seek to have these policies implemented.

The documents are below.

Setting of Objectives

This guidance is aimed at  helping to secure fair and reasonable objectives as part of the appraisal process.  It focuses on: securing objectives that are fit for purpose, limited number and subject to consultation.  It also addresses the relationship between objectives and pay progression.

Appraisal Case Study

Section 1 is a case study for union representatives and officers which sets out a step by step guide on how to successfully oppose unachievable numberic targets at a school level.

Section 2 is an analysis of why setting numberic targets is a flawed approach.

Appraisal checklist

The NUT and NASUWT have each issued a Model Performance Management/Appraisal Policy. Many schools would have adopted one of these however, some may have made amendments and as a consequence, the NUT and NASUWT have agreed joint appraisal checklists for schools in England and Wales.

The NUT and NASUWT are asking our school reps to look at your school policy. If it doesn't comply with the joint checklist, we will ask heads to change the policy. If they don't, our two unions will support members in action to win changes.

Joint union appraisal policy

The NUT have agreed with the ATL and NAHT a joint appraisal policy for schools. To find out more click here.

Letter to school representatives

This letter explains the background to the current joint NUT/NASUWT campaign on appraisal and classroom observations and how to use them in your school. A letter in similar terms is being sent by NASUWT to all of its school representatives.

Classroom observation protocol

In order to support the aim that classroom observations should be conducted in a fair and transparent manner, the NUT and NASUWT have jointly developed a classroom observation protocol.

Wales Joint NUT/NASUWT Model Performance Management Template

This Wales model performance management policy for schools has been agreed between the NUT and NASUWT.

Welsh Government Classroom Observation Guidance

The Welsh Government has published guidance which sets out the purpose and protocols which characterise effective, supportive and developmental classroom observation.

Teachers’ Standards (England)

New Teachers’ Standards for schools in England came into force in September 2012. The Government says the new Standards must be used as part of the appraisal system in England but applied inappropriately they could be hugely damaging to teachers. This leaflet gives advice on the risks of inappropriate implementation and provides a protocol to adopt in your workplace.

The more detailed advice is divided into 2 parts, with Part A dealing with the application of the Standards to appraisal, Part B giving advice on the Standards themselves, and appendices giving examples of bad practice to be avoided and including the NUT’s Teachers’ Standards Model Protocol.