Protect Teachers, Defend Education – Teachers’ Pay

The Government has pressed ahead with its plans to tear up the national teacher pay system and with its damaging changes to our pensions. It has dismantled the national pay structure and introduced performance related pay for all teachers. This page contains the resources you need to support the NUT's campaign on teachers' pay. For full details of the Protect Teachers, Defend Education campaign and the latest news, click here to go to our main campaign page.

Download an NUT pay briefing that looks at the key issues in the Government's reforms.

School Teachers’ Pay Increase for 2015
Read the joint advice published by NUT, ATL, NAHT, UCAC and Voice on the September 2015 pay increase. Use it to ensure that all teachers get the appropriate pay increase from September.

You might want to edit and send this letter to your head teacher. The NUT will support members in any school which refuses to pay the increases set out in the joint advice.

Click here for further NUT advice to help you secure the full implementation of the recommended 2015 pay scales.

Why PRP in schools is wrong
This NUT member survey report investigates pay progression decisions for September 2014 and teachers’ views on the impact and fairness of the new pay framework, and shows that NUT fears about cuts in pay progression and about potential bias and discrimination appear to be justified.

Joint NUT/NASUWT Model Pay Policy
The NUT / NASUWT have agreed on a joint pay policy checklist and model pay policy. These are fully consistent and compliant with the provisions of the 2014 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document.

NUT letter to Mr Gove, former Secretary of State for Education
A letter by the NUT Senior Solicitor sent to former Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove strenuously refuting the mistaken position of his Department that the pay checklist of the NUT and the NASUWT is in any way unlawful.

NUT commentaries on NAHT and ASCL model pay policy and guidance
The Union has produced useful guidance on the NAHT model pay policy and the ASCL pay guidance. You can access the relevant documents here.

School Pay Policies NUT Briefing On the Position Of Teacher Governors
This NUT briefing note sets out advice on teacher governors' entitlements to take part in discussions on school pay policies. Teacher governors are NOT in the NUT's view precluded from taking part in such discussions at governing body or committee meetings by their employment status or perceived financial interests.

Student teachers give a resounding thumbs down to the Government's proposals
In June 2013 364 student members of the National Union of Teachers completed a survey on the Government's proposed changes to teachers' pay. The survey showed very little support for the reforms, which does not augur well in terms of recruitment and retention of teachers to the profession. The results of the survey can be found here.

Also, please see the following information:

For our “Ten reasons to continue opposing the Government’s pay reforms document, click here.

Go here for FAQs on the Government’s reforms to teachers’ pay.

Pay loss calculator – to see the effects of the pay freeze and inflation, click here.