Become an NUT section representative

The representative is the voice of the Union in each workplace. As an NUT section representative, you will frequently communicate with members and be the first point of contact for any concerns they may have. The more workplace based reps we have, the stronger the union will be.

Why be an NUT section rep

  • Help colleagues resolve issues and concerns in your workplace.
  • Promote the needs and interests of teachers in your workplace
  • Ensure fairness and equality for all in your workplace.
  • Make your voice heard. Workplaces with NUT section reps and active union groups are better places to work.

What being an NUT section rep involves

  • Building an active NEU group in your workplace by holding regular meetings to find out what issues are important to members.
  • Recruiting potential members, including newly qualified teachers and students, into the National Education Union.
  • Raising the visibility of the NEU in your workplace through regular meetings, displaying posters and distributing materials provided by your local association or division and the national Union.
  • Promoting union campaigns amongst colleagues, seeking their involvement.
  • Keeping in regular contact with your association or division, and relating issues and concerns that can’t be resolved at school level to appropriate colleagues.

To be a representative you will need to be elected by the members in your workplace. Representatives are elected annually by all members in the workplace. All reps should receive accreditation from their local association.

If there is no representative in your workplace and you wish to take on the role, get members together for a meeting. Once a meeting and election has taken place, you can confirm that you have been elected by entering your details on the online form.

If you would like advice on setting up a workplace meeting and election, please contact your association or regional/Wales office.