GERM and Privatisation

The NUT, alongside teacher unions and NGO’s from across the globe, have huge concerns about the role played by ‘edu-business’ in shaping an education policy increasingly based upon high-stakes testing, an increasing ‘exam factory’ culture in schools, and the spread of for-profit education. Pearson invest heavily in lobbying various governmental and inter-governmental organisations to forward their business aims at the expense of promoting free public quality education.

On 5 May, trade unionists gathered at the AGM of education privatiser, Pearson, to contest its investment policy. Representatives of unions from Britain, Japan, USA, Australia, Sweden and Germany, joined with teacher organisations in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, facing the brunt of company practices.

End FGM and Child Marriage
Girls from Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone, often forced to marry early, have started a revolution with the support of Amnesty International. They are standing up and saying no to FGM and child marriage, the tradition that denies them an education, a life of their own and their human rights. The NUT is a communications partner with Amnesty International on this campaign. Click here to make a donation.

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