Beyond the wall

The NUT is committed to ensuring that teachers in the UK have good quality materials to teach our students about the lives of young people whose access to education is limited by political circumstances. We believe that no child should be prevented from fulfilling their potential by the circumstances of their birth.

We teamed up with Edukid to create a programme that gives a voice to Palestinian children and the opportunity to share their experiences with pupils in the UK.

Our aim is to challenge assumptions, break barriers and build ambitions through our joint project Beyond the Wall.

Beyond the Wall, aims to engage schools in the UK, their teachers, pupils and parents in learning about schooling in conflict zones. The main vehicles for the project are the films, which illustrate the daily struggles experienced by Palestinian children as they try to gain an education. Watch Just Like Us and the new film Moving Freely, Nablus here.

Teaching about controversial issues can be challenging, which is why Edukid and NUT have produced teaching resources to facilitate learning and classroom debate in an open, supportive, and well-informed manner.  The learning tools include background information on the conflict, case studies, films, maps, teachers’ notes and suggested activities.

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