5 July Strike

The Government's new Education for All Bill continues to show they have the wrong priorities for teachers, schools and children. As more schools become academies, the coverage of the national STPCD and Burgundy Book will narrow and these protections will gradually wither away. Real term cuts in funding will have major effects on schools and teachers, whether academy or maintained. This will further erode terms and conditions, increase workload and impede pay progression for teachers.

5 July 2016

This was a very well supported strike, both by NUT members and the general public. We thank all those parents who have supported us despite the inconvenience it may have caused.

This strike should not have been necessary. The NUT will keep campaigning to ensure that the education our children receive is not compromised through school budget cuts. We must invest in our education. The Government needs to start listening.

Widespread support

The action was widely supported, from parents to doctors. See their messages here.

Teachers Building Society