Office 365 E-mail

To request that we create an NEU email account for yourself or a fellow officer, please fill in the following form:
Officer Email request form

If you're having an issue with your NEU (Microsoft 365) email, please let us know:
Officer email system (Microsoft 365) problem report

Forwarding e-mails

For data protection reasons ATL and NUT sections have agreed that automatic forwarding of incoming email to addresses outside NEU 365 will be disabled. Please be aware that Microsoft's systems will still show you the option to forward email in the settings menu in Outlook online but you should not try to turn the option on as email will not be forwarded and may be lost. We have reported the issue of the forwarding option being visible despite being administratively disabled to Microsoft. To access your NEU email please use from any web browser or the Microsoft Outlook client on Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows."

Bulk e-mail tool

Officers are encouraged to continue to use the bulk e-mail tool at to send e-mails to large groups of recipients. 

Please do not use office365 e-mail to send bulk e-mail as it may result in our e-mail being spammed out. If our company’s domain -, is blocked, it will take a long time for it to be unblocked and this will slow the business of the whole union.

Update on Office365

  1.  If you have submitted your mobile number to self-reset you password to your office365 account please follow the ‘Reset password’ instructions below. 
  2.  If you want to use your office365 e-mails on a smart phone please download the ‘Outlook’ app from your respective app stores related to your smartphone and follow the instructions. During the set-up you may be asked to download the ‘company portal’ please do this and continue with the set-up. 
  3.  It is advised that Union e-mails are not directed to your personal accounts. 


Hints and tips

Reading attachments to e-mails on a smartphone

Not all smartphones allow users to read attachments easily in the office 365 outlook app.

Downloading the Word app from your app store has helped.

All Microsoft office apps are free so if you’re asked to pay you’re probably trying to download the wrong app.


We are still looking into a way of importing contacts and will update you with instructions as soon as we can. If you use Outlook on their desktop you can import these using the following help in Office365.

While in your account click the help image icon, top right, type ‘import contacts’ in the field   image.

Depending on what your set-up is choose the option and follow the instructions.

There will be more on importing contacts for those without outlook on your laptop/desktop.


While logged into your office365 account click Settings image, the wheel top right of your page while in Mail. Either use the search box and type in  Signatures or select MailLayoutEmail Signature to create or update your signature.

Feel free to submit your queries but it may be helpful to use the help button first.

Accessing emails on smart devices

To access emails via your smart devices please download 'Microsoft Outlook' from your App store and follow the instructions adding your named account and password. (You must have previously set your password and accessed your email account on Office365 via a browser for this to work).

Submitting contact number for Office 365 account and changing password.


  • If you have not submitted your mobile number to do a self-reset, please do so as soon as possible to; IT colleagues will be available to help over the phone if needed.
  • If you haven’t submitted your alternative contact details to access your office365 e-mail account please do so soon using the information below.
    1. On any browser, enter or search for Office365 and select ‘Office 365 login’
    2. At the login page, enter your login,
    3. Click on the link  'Can't access your account?'; and select ‘Work or School account’ 
    4. The next page will ask you to enter a ‘I am Human’ string of characters
    5. The following page will indicate your mobile number by displaying ‘xxxxxxxxxNN’,  your last two digits.
    6. Enter your mobile number that ends with the same two digits. 
    7. Select ‘Text’ 
    8. Office365 will send a text with the code to your phone.
    9. Enter this as requested 
    10. You will be asked to enter a new password. Passwords should be 8 digits long and include a number.
    11. There may be a short delay between setting your password and accessing your account so give it 5-10 minutes

Member data


You are still able to login to the website to access member details and your membership reports.

Exporting address book/contacts 


    If you have contact details in your address book please export these using the export feature on your current email account by selecting ‘Export All’.


    More information on how to import into Office 365 will be made available shortly for officers.

Remove Conversation view


  • Highlight the folder e.g. Inbox
  • Click Filter (top right of messages)
  • Click ‘Show as’ and select ‘Messages’
  • You can also remove focussed messages usining the option below ‘Show as’

remove converstaion


Creating groups of contacts

Select Mail

Open the app launcher

Select People

Select  New

Select Contact list

Enter your list name EG: Conference List

Then enter the first letter of the email address or search the directory.

Select your first contact name.

Continue to add the names you require and then save.

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