The cuts being implemented by the Conservative Government put education at risk. Increased funding is desperately needed to safeguard our children’s education. We are asking the Government to change course and invest, not cut.

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Ask your MP to pledge to stop the real terms cuts to education funding and to invest in our education system so that it is fair for all – without rejection for the majority at age 11.

School cuts website

The NUT ATL website, established by the NUT and other unions, is fully updated with manifesto commitments from the election. Check your school’s position - then share the information on social media and email your MP.

School Funding Campaign Toolkit

Use the briefings and materials here to support and take forward the NUT’s campaign.

National Funding Formula

The NUT's responses to the Government’s consultations on its National Funding Formula proposals can be read here. They highlight the need for more funding to protect schools against cost increases and support the introduction of new funding arrangements.

School Funding Toolkit

Visit to find out how much your local schools and colleges are likely to lose. While you are there, share the results on social media and email your MP.

Then use the materials below to support and take forward the NUT’s campaign:

Member Briefing
Read this for a full briefing on the NUT campaign on education funding and how NUT members can support it

Model resolution for meetings
Use this at school members’ meetings and ask school governing bodies, councillors and local political parties to discuss them as well

Finally, use these briefings on different areas of funding to understand the full extent of the cuts and to make the case to people like MPs and local councillors:

Background note on
National Funding Formula
Early Years Funding
16-19 Education
High Needs and SEND Funding
Funding in Wales
Capital funding and School Places

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