What is the Government proposing?

The Government originally set out is plans for the wholesale expansion of selective education in a green paper (a consultation document), Schools that Work for Everyone, published in September 2016. The green paper proposed to allow existing grammar schools to expand; new selective free schools to open; existing comprehensive schools to become wholly or partially selective; and academies to establish separate centres for their ‘most able’ pupils. Along with many other organisations, the NUT made a detailed response to these proposals. The snap election in 2017, leading to the loss of the Conservative’s overall majority, forced a rethink of these far-reaching plans. Instead, in its response to the green paper consultation published in May 2018, the Government scaled down its proposals significantly, focusing solely on the intention to allow existing grammar schools to expand. Nevertheless these policies remain a serious threat to inclusive, comprehensive education and the Union continues to be vocally opposed to the expansion of selection.