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The pace of change in post-16 education and training is rapid. With change comes a series of problems that affect teachers, lecturers and students alike. Apprenticeships are increasing in number, but issues of quality and coverage remain. Further education has suffered extremely large cuts, to the point where its viability is called into question.

Sixth-form colleges experience chronic under-funding. In matters of curriculum and assessment, government policy has failed to provide an integrated system of post-16 education and training. Indeed its policies point in another direction, towards an increasingly sharp division between ‘academic’ and ‘vocational’ approaches.

post 16

Apprenticeships - a guide for teachers and support staff

Apprenticeships - a guide for teachers and support staff

This leaflet produced jointly between the NUT and the TUC is intended to give help teachers and support staff access more information about Apprenticeships from level 2 (GCSE) level. The booklet explores the reasons why the Apprenticeship route should be considered alongside other career options as part of the IAG offered to young people.
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