Impact of the Donaldson report

Impact of the Donaldson report

Professor Donaldson’s report made some wide ranging recommendations which will have an immediate, as well as long-term,impact on teaching. These include, but are not limited to:

  • An end of key stages.
  • The introduction of digital competence.
  • The introduction of areas of learning rather than core and non-core subjects.
  • A review of testing and accountability approaches.

There will be a major impact on workload and resources, at least in the initial years, as teachers move from a prescriptive to a more flexible approach to curriculum design.

What the NUT has done:

  • NUT Cymru were at the forefront of shaping the review having held numerous meetings with officials and Professor Donaldsonhimself.
  • The union submitted a formal consultation response and worked with members to encourage as many individual responses as possible.
  • In October 2014 NUT Cymru held a curriculum conference that brought together practitioners from across primary and secondary sectors as well as key authorities, again including Professor Donaldson himself.
  • The NUT has produced high quality resources that can be used to help build a strong and interactive curriculum at local level. Access to those materials can be found here.

What can you do to help?

  • Familiarise yourself with the details of the report by reading it here
  • Email/Write to and visit your local Assembly Member and MP to raise any concerns about resource or training.
  • Provide NUT Cymru with any case study problems that may become evident.
  • Contact your school rep or div sec with issues that come up with workload/resources in taking on this challenge.
  • Promote the NUT Cymru Manifesto in the run up to the 2016 Assembly election.
  • For any support with this, or to contribute in any other way, please contact