Exam factories?

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“…the current system of measuring pupils’ attainment and using this to judge schools and teachers is deeply damaging to children and young people, and does not foster the skills and talents that are needed in higher education or in employment…” Emeritus Professor Merryn Hutchings, London Metropolitan University (Exam Factories? p. 7)

This independent research, commissioned by the NUT, breaks new ground to uncover the impact on children’s education, day to day, from the ways in which schools are measured, ranked and compared using very narrow ranges of data.

The report reveals negative impacts on:

  • the breadth of the curriculum
  • teacher pupil relationships
  • pupils’ emotional health and well-being
  • students’ perceptions of the purpose of education
  • different groups in particular.
John Cridland of the CBI and Lucie Russell from the children’s mental health charity Young Minds joined the Union at the launch of the findings.

Take action
A chorus of concern from different quarters is building because of the effect of the Government’s approach to testing and targets.

Use this report to broaden this coalition: talk to colleagues, parents and governors about why the Government’s approach to accountability needs to change. Please use this report to lobby your MP. See our briefing on this

Teachers - tell us how you are challenging the exam factory culture in your school.

Parents - read the report and share your concerns about exam factory culture in schools.

Share your experiences with us – email examfactories@nut.org.uk Tweet #examfactories

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Teaching by numbers: Accountability data and ‘evidence based practice’
This was the title of a seminar held in partnership with Reclaiming Schools in January 2016. Teachers and academics explored the problems of accountability data and ‘evidence based practice’.