Education Funding Gap in Wales


  • Figures released in January 2007 highlighted that £350 less was spent per pupil in Wales compared with England.1 By January 2010 that gap had risen to £527 per pupil.2
  • The most recent figures available, published in 2011, showed that the per-pupil funding gap between England and Wales had risen to £604.3
  • No figures have been released since this date as the Welsh Government’s chief statistician determined comparisons were no longer able to be made.4
  • A 2010 report by the Wales Audit Office noted that Welsh Schools were not fit for purpose.
  • Schools have had to use the pupil premium to plug the gaps caused by funding pressures elsewhere so this money simply gets subsumed into the rest of their budget.
  • A significant impact of the underfunding of Welsh school has been a rise in class sizes. The percentage of Welsh pupils in infant and junior classes over 30 has steadily risen since 2004-05
  • Continuing pressures mean that Welsh schools must find in-year budget cuts amounting to millions.
  • NUT Cymru has been leading the campaign to ensure greater funding for Welsh schools. This campaign is focused on reducing class sizes; ensuring greater access to resources; safer and more modern buildings and higher provisions of CPD for teachers.

See the extent to which your local school in Wales is missing out here:

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