Ramadan and Exams

Practical advice for secondary schools with pupils sitting exams during fasting:

  • Don’t suggest that pupils sip water unless there is concern about dehydration or other ill-health as this would be breaking the fast-although Islamic ruling does allow the fast to be broken in this circumstance and made up later;
  • Ensure exam rooms are kept cool and fans are available. This will benefit all students;
  • Provide fasting students with a quiet place to rest during lunchtime;
  • Consider putting a packed lunch together for pupils on free school meals to take home with them; and
  • If schools believe that they will have a significant number of pupils fasting during the exam period they should consider discussing with the exam boards the possibility of holding as many exams as possible in the morning.

Primary schools:

  • Whilst children who have not yet reached puberty are not required to fast some may wish to do a partial fast. This is often undertaken at home under the supervision of their parents.
  • Parents might wish to inform the school if their child is fasting so that the school can safeguard against any risk to health, particularly in hot weather.

Further advice:

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