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Over 76 per cent of NUT members are women and we believe that sexism and discriminatory practice should not form part of society. Here you will find information and resources designed to support the teaching of gender equality issues. The information focuses on women and equality materials relating to key developments in the struggle for women's equality and aims to highlight the continuing need to improve the rights of women and girls both in the UK and across the world.

The resources will encourage members to explore social injustices and deepen their understanding of persisting inequalities which currently exist between men and women.

women teachers

Please let us know your equality characteristics

Please let us know your equality characteristics

What is equality monitoring?

Equality monitoring is what organisations do when they want to know which ‘protected characteristics’ people in the organisation have.

What are protected characteristics?

Protected characteristics include age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. Everyone has protected characteristics

Why does the NUT want to know what my protected characteristics are?

We know that women teachers are more likely to face barriers to promotion and progression in teaching. Black, disabled and lesbian, bisexual and trans women, pregnant women, and women who have taken maternity leave face additional barriers when seeking to enter and remain in the profession. By letting us know that your equality characteristics, we can

  • Find out from you what it’s like to be a woman teacher and how national and local policies make it easier or harder for you to progress as a teacher;
  • Share women teachers’ experiences with policy makers;
  • Organise the Union’s structures to better suit your needs;
  • Invite you to Union events we believe you would be interested in attending; and
  • Involve you in campaigns and activities that will have a positive impact on your working life.

So what do I do next?

Simply check and update your details here. You can follow our quick-step-guide.

Where can I find out more?

Read more bout the equality characteristics that we monitor. For information on security, see our Data Protection statement here. As well as helping us to target appropriate materials to you, the data will feed into anonymous statistical reports which help us identify barriers to participation in our structures. Information that you provide us will remain strictly confidential.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is held on 8th March every year. The theme for 2017 was #Beboldforchange in light of the turbulent times and political events which have sought to challenge and undermine women’s role and rights. IWD asked each one of us - women, men and non-binary people - to join forces and take bold, pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity.

This year the NUT is looking at sexism in schools and how to challenge it. We launched a Teacher Survey to find out more and will be analysing the results of this survey over the coming months.

The NUT recognises that we still have a long way to go to achieve equality for women and women teachers – whether that be through tackling the gender pay gap in schools or challenging the routine sexism that affects women teachers in the classroom and many young women students and girls too.

The South West Women’s Forum will be hosting an event on Tuesday May 30th in Exeter for NUT women members to talk about women in the workplace, the pay gap and women in the union. For more information on this event and how you can register your interest please email south.west@nut.org.uk

To find out more about IWD visit the website or click here for information on how you can get involved and challenge gender inequality in schools.

Laura Chisholm

Celebrating NUT Women<

Celebrating NUT Women

The NUT has a long and proud tradition of standing up for the rights of women teachers and campaigning on women's issues.

To recognise and celebrate the tireless dedication of NUT Women, we are developing a series of case studies on women in the NUT. Who inspired them? How did they get involved in the Union? Who, in turn, have they inspired? What have they achieved? All is revealed in the following case studies which we would like to build on over time. We hope that they will motivate you to get involved too.

Celebrating Laura Chisholm | Celebrating Debs Gwynn

Discover more about the history of women in the NUT. Do you know the name of the NUT’s first woman President? Or when equal pay for women teachers was agreed?

Find out more about the history of NUT women in ‘The changing lives of women teachers’ and download posters from the Resources box, right, about Mary Gawthorpe, Isabel Cleghorn and Leah Manning to use in class or at local Union meetings.

Valuing Women: Working Through the Menopause

Valuing Women: Working Through the Menopause

Working Through the Menopause guidance is built upon responses from over 3000 NUT women members about their experiences of working through the menopause in school. It answers some of the key questions raised by the women taking part.

A workplace checklist featuring ways in which all schools and colleges should be addressing issues around the menopause is included in the guide, please copy it and use it to create opportunities amongst all staff for discussion on this important workplace issue.

This is not just a women’s issue – it is an issue about which a collective response to finding solutions in all workplaces is needed.

Debs Gwynn

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