Celebrating NUT Women<

Celebrating NUT Women

The NUT has a long and proud tradition of standing up for the rights of women teachers and campaigning on women's issues.

To recognise and celebrate the tireless dedication of NUT Women, we are developing a series of case studies on women in the NUT. Who inspired them? How did they get involved in the Union? Who, in turn, have they inspired? What have they achieved? All is revealed in the following case studies which we would like to build on over time. We hope that they will motivate you to get involved too.

Celebrating Laura Chisholm | Celebrating Debs Gwynn

Discover more about the history of women in the NUT. Do you know the name of the NUT’s first woman President? Or when equal pay for women teachers was agreed?

Find out more about the history of NUT women in ‘The changing lives of women teachers’ and download posters from the Resources box, right, about Mary Gawthorpe, Isabel Cleghorn and Leah Manning to use in class or at local Union meetings.