Laura Chisholm

Amy Carson says “Laura has done so much for the young teachers cause and inspires me every time I see her.”

I joined the NUT at the very start of my teaching career and was fortunate to have an excellent professional mentor who also happened to be an NUT officer, Dominic Coughlin. In my NQT year, I attended the NUT Portsmouth meetings on a regular basis and was nominated to attend National Young Teachers Conference. It was here that I found a thirst for trade unionism. As Young Teachers Officer for Portsmouth I work with some inspirational trade union role models from both our division and the surrounding areas, I refer to them as my trade union family.

Other Roles I have in the Union:

  • South East Young Teachers Rep
  • Annual Conference Business Committee
  • International Solidarity Officer

Why get involved?

  • Firstly, for your voice to be heard
  • Secondly, you must have your say and take part in the union activities, such as, attending meetings, voting in ballots and attending training
  • Finally, our Union defends our profession, it nurtures teachers and most of all it puts the education of children first.