Reasons to join

Qualified teachers

We stand up for teachers’ professional status and we campaign for a qualified teacher in every classroom.

Unity in the profession

We’re the only teachers’ union campaigning consistently for one union for all teachers.

Advice and support

We provide unrivalled legal and professional support, including solicitors in every regional office in England and NUT Cymru in Wales.

Largest and most effective

Our membership strength makes us the most effective teachers’ union.

Internationally connected

We campaign for education for all. Over 58 million children in the world currently don’t go to school.

Fairness for all children

We fight for a good local school for every child and for every community.

It's your union

We encourage all members to get involved in deciding and promoting union policy.

Equality of opportunity

We lead the way with our groundbreaking equality work.

Decisive campaigning

We’re proud to campaign on the issues that matter to teachers and children.


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