Pay Progression and Appeals

This one-day course is designed to ensure that NUT reps and local officers are briefed and up-to-date on issues surrounding the imposition of performancerelated pay on teachers. The course is suitable for NUT reps in all workplaces and for local officers.

For further advice on eligibility for this course, on negotiating release from work, or for assistance with access and expenses, please contact your regional office or NUT Cymru.

As rep, it will help you to:

  • Understand the wider issues surrounding teachers' pay
  • Understand the Union's guidance on pay, pay progression, and pay appeals
  • Know your role as a rep with regard to pay, pay progression, and pay appeals
  • Understand the process of supporting a member through a pay progression decision
  • Understand how collective approaches to pay help build the wider presence of the Union in the workplace
  • Build collective approaches to support members