Learning - FAQs

Who can attend?
Some courses are open to all teachers. Others are for NUT members only.

How does learning happen?
Courses are based on trade union principles and emphasise the NUTĀ¹s policies and achievements. Active learning methods, such as small group discussions, problem-solving exercises, case studies and role play are used. Each course provides the opportunity to work collaboratively with colleagues to solve common problems in a supportive environment.

When are the courses held?
Most courses are held during the working week during term time. A few are held at weekends or during the school holidays.

Where are the courses held?
Courses are held in a variety of comfortable venues, often close to where you live.

What is the dress code?
There is no formal dress code. Most participants wear relaxed casual clothing.

How long do the courses last?
There is a variety of schedules for courses and events lasting one, two, three or five days.

How much?

  • For NUT members, our courses are either free or discounted.
  • For other teachers, courses are competitively priced.
  • Any fees include tuition, course materials, meals and refreshments.
  • Accommodation is provided for some courses, particularly those at Stoke Rochford Hall.
  • Travel expenses are reimbursed unless otherwise stated.

I am a carer. Can the NUT offer me any support?
If you have caring responsibilities for a child or other dependant, please contact us to discuss the possible ways in which we may be able to assist you.

Is there access for disabled participants?
We aim to accommodate all our members. If you are a wheelchair user or have other access needs, please let us know when you apply, so that arrangements can be made to meet your requirements.

What will a course cost my school/employer?
In addition to any fees, the only cost to your school is arranging cover for you to attend. NUT school and college representatives, including health and safety representatives and learning representatives, have a statutory entitlement to time off with pay, during working hours, for training related to their role.

The NUT believes that schools, when determining their budgets, should make provision for teachers to attend trade union organised courses. Adequate funding should be in the schools' budgets for supply cover to facilitate attendance at courses.

What if I have difficulties securing time off to attend?
If you experience any difficulties in arranging cover for attending an NUT course, please contact your division secretary or your regional office in England or NUT Cymru in Wales. You do not need to have secured time out before applying for a course but you must have time out agreed prior to attending.

Is it for me?
The NUT actively encourages applications from and wants to see an increase in the numbers of women, black, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and disabled members attending our courses. We hope you decide to apply.

How do I keep up to date with training opportunities?
Go here for full details of current courses.

How do I apply?
Go here for details.