Sixth Form Colleges Pay and Funding Campaign

6th Form Colleges – Pay and Funding campaign

About the 6th form college funding campaign
Cuts to 16-19 funding have been much greater than cuts to school funding. Sixth form colleges are under threat. Teachers in sixth form colleges are facing threats to pay, working conditions and employment. Students in this extremely successful sector are facing threats to their education. Use the materials on this page to raise awareness of the issues with your colleagues, friends and the public and build support for the campaign. It is vital that we put pressure on MPs and Ministers to tackle the post-16 funding crisis. Sixth form alumni from many walks of life and across the political spectrum have expressed their support for 16-19 education.

The website includes sixth form colleges and sets out exactly how much the Government plans to cut every college funding by 2020, and how much more would be received if the funding lost between 2010 and 2015 was restored to the sector.

The focus for the spring term in sixth form colleges was on seeking to build alliances with other unions, parents and the public in the run-up to the Government's March 2017 Budget. The Government has not yet responded appropriately to our campaign and it will continue. To find out what you can do to support the campaign click here.

What the NUT is seeking:

  1. Restoration of 16-19 funding to the levels which existed before the Coalition Government started its cuts programme
  2. Exemption from VAT for colleges – without them having to apply for academy status
  3. Removal of the threat of closure or merger – and recognition of sixth form colleges’ achievements.

What you should do:

  • Sign the petition to save sixth form colleges.
  • Talk to your colleagues. Ask your NUT rep to hold a meeting to discuss the issues with members.
  • If there’s no NUT rep in your college, get together with colleagues to elect one, and let the Union know when you have. You can tell us you’ve been elected at get involved
  • Invite your local MPs into your college – or go to see them with other members.

Area Reviews and Academies

These NUT briefings for reps and members provide information on the Government's area reviews and academy status for sixth form colleges. Advice for members attending area review meetings can be found here.