Support sixth form colleges

Dave Anderson MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Blaydon

The teachers taking strike action today are those to whom we entrust our most precious possession - our kids. I stand with them!

Sarah Champion MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Rotherham

Sixth form colleges, such as Thomas Rotherham College, are being targeted by the Government for further ideologically driven cuts to their funding, threatening their very existence.

When those who earn the most are getting tax cuts, it's not right that funding for public education is being threatened. Everyone should have access to excellent education but cutting funding and merging sixth form colleges reduces both choice and the quality of education that students receive. Sixth form colleges play a vital part in our young people’s futures and I support the NUT’s Save Our Sixth Form Colleges campaign to ensure that students continue to receive the best possible education regardless of their background or where they live.

Daniel Zeichner MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Cambridge

I fully stand behind the work that the National Union of Teachers is doing in campaigning to save our sixth form colleges.

Education is the most important investment we can make in our future. Economically investment in education makes excellent financial sense. Giving our younger generation the skills they need to become part of an innovative and vibrant society will help to expand the UK's economy and will serve to keep us at the forefront of development. Cuts to education, particularly further education, is simply terrible economic management by the Government.

The most important aspect of education is its massive social benefits. Education is a social investment, "the great equaliser". Education enables social mobility, it enables opportunity, and it plants the seeds of aspiration in young people's minds. Cuts to further education funding and opportunity for young people will have a massive negative impact on our society as a whole.

I am proud to be a part of a party that values education. Labour stands for raising funding for post-16 education, not cutting it. Labour stands for freedom of educational establishments to choose how they are run, not forced by threat of VAT fines to change. Labour stands for expansion of sixth form education services,
not breaking them. Labour are the party for future generations and we shall fight to protect them from Tory attacks.

Paloma Faith, singer, songwriter and actress

I was educated at City and Islington Sixth Form so it means a lot to me that we save our colleges. Please sign here and support 6th form colleges that are being threatened with government cuts @saveourcolleges.

Owen Jones, author and columnist

As somebody who - like so many - owes everything to my old sixth form in Stockport, I am devastated by the cuts imposed on it and other sixth forms across the country. Sixth forms may face closure, and others are suffering cuts to their provision which is damaging their ability to educate their students. This is vandalism: damaging the potential of young people, and the whole country as a result. That's why I urge as many of us as possible to back the Save Our Sixth Form Colleges campaign.

Nadiya Hussain, chef, author and winner of the Great British Bake Off 2015

#saveourcolleges I was educated at a 6th form so let’s support the Save our 6th Form College Campaign @LutonSixthForm

Johnny Marr, musician

Education is empowerment. Tory governments have always worked to eradicate that opportunity. An obvious agenda. @saveourcolleges

Nic Dakin MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Scunthorpe and Shadow Schools Minister

As a lifelong NUT member and former Principal of a beacon sixth form college, I know from my own experience the cracking job sixth form colleges have done for nearly 50 years. They’ve worked with their partner schools to give students an outstanding deal. Yet they now face some of the biggest challenges ever as Conservative Government policy threatens their very existence. So I’m pleased to support the NUT’s excellent Save Our Colleges campaign. We need students, parents and staff to contact their local MPs and remind them of what’s at risk – sixth form education that matches anything else in the state or private sector and delivers the very best value for money.

Kate Hollern MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Blackburn.

I visited St Mary’s College [Blackburn] during the Autumn to hear in more detail about the potential problems. Sixth Form colleges play a vital role in our young peoples’ education and, in turn the economic competitiveness of the nation. If we cut education spending we impact on the long term future of the country.

Gareth Thomas MP, Labour (Co-op) Member of Parliament for Harrow West

St Dominic’s is an excellent Sixth Form College and is rightly popular with students and parents for the quality of the teaching and excellent results it achieves. I strongly support efforts to improve the funding available for St Dominic’s and other good sixth form colleges.

Caroline Lucas MP, Green Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion

I would like to offer my support to the campaign by the NUT to protect colleges such as Varndean. It is appalling that pressures resulting from funding cuts are now being used to justify mergers and closures, whilst the real problem of the underfunding of 16-19 education is allowed to continue. I will continue to call for restoration of proper funding for 16-19 education and will stand alongside sixth form colleges in my constituency against any attacks on the sector.

Barry Sherman MP, Labour (Co-op) Member of Parliament for Huddersfield

My constituency has three excellent colleges, one of which educated my children, and I remain in close communication with all of them. I am very supportive of sixth form colleges and have been campaigning hard against the repeated cuts imposed upon them by central Government.

Dr Julian Lewis MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for New Forest East

Sixth form colleges are a vital component of education locally. We are very proud of the achievements of Totton College in the past and sincerely hope the new strategy and plans for the college will enable it to maintain its place as a highly valued asset locally.

Roger Godsiff MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath

The Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College in my constituency [has] provided a superb facility for children from the local community which is identified as one of the most deprived in the country. I wish the NUT success with its campaign because it is vitally important that public education is preserved and that colleges like Joseph Chamberlain are allowed to continue their excellent work in serving the people of Sparkbrook and central Birmingham.