Leadership teachers

The National Union of Teachers has many members who have leadership responsibilities, combined in many cases with classroom teaching.

School leaders are in a strong position to influence and implement policy – yet they are also under increasing pressure from an accountability agenda which makes intense and ill-informed demands upon them, and from ever stronger financial constraints.

The Union offers advice to leaders that will assist them in finding their way through these difficulties, and in supporting their staff.

leadership teachers

Leadership teachers - when strike action is called

When the NUT calls strike action we understand that it can be a difficult time for head teachers. But we want our head teacher members to participate in the action in the same way as other members.

As a head teacher, you will be responsible for considering what happens in your school or academy on a strike day, including the health and safety implications. It is essential that you have clear procedures in place, reflecting the advice issued by your employer – in most cases this will be the local authority, governing body or academy sponsor. When taking part in strike action yourself you should work normally in the days before the action, including carrying out a risk assessment. If you have not yet received any guidance from your employer, you should contact the relevant Human Resources/Personnel department as a matter of urgency. See Action by staff – NEU advice to members who are Headteachers and Principals

National Organising Forum (NOF) for Leadership members

The Leadership NOF has a remit to:

  • promote and develop the engagement of members in the relevant section/relevant members
  • share, utilise and build on effective practice
  • share and spread good practice in engagement and involvement of members more widely and to develop local networks
  • advise on policy in relation to respective groups
  • provide feedback to relevant standing committees

Contact your NOF member
Each NEU (NUT Section) Region sends representatives to the Union’s National Organising Forum for Leadership Members. Find out who the Reps in your Region are here.

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