Blair Peach Award

gallery © Justin Tallis The National Union of Teachers established the Blair Peach Award (BPA) in March 2010.  The award is named after the past president of East London NUT who was murdered during an anti-racist demonstration in Southall, London on 23 April 1979.

On the day of his death, Blair Peach was showing solidarity and marching against the presence of the far right National Front. Modern day equivalents to the National Front continue to promote racist and fascist views.  It is vital to the National Union of Teachers that they do not gain a foothold in British politics.  That is why we use our political fund to campaign vigorously against racist and fascist parties and support the work of organisations such as HOPE not hate, Unite Against Fascism, Show Racism the Red Card and Kick it Out.

Blair Peach Award 2018

The Blair Peach Award is awarded at Annual Conference to give recognition to members who have made exemplary contributions to their school or association or division’s work on equality and diversity.  Daniel Kebede was the winner in 2017 for his tireless campaigning on anti-racism.

There is so much local equality campaigning and activity going on in the Union and we want to hear about it.  Nominate your local activists and campaigners and make sure their work is shared with others and rightly celebrated.

Nominations for the 2018 Blair Peach Award closed on 15th December 2017.

2017 Blair  Peach Award winner – Daniel Kebede
Daniel is a constant advocate for ant-racism in his work as an NUT member, both in school and in the community. He organised and delivered workshops on anti-racism within his school, and teaches philosophy for children about the refugee crisis, working collaboratively with Show Racism the Red Card. Daniel organised the first ever Unity festival in Newcastle in 2014, an anti-racist music festival attended by 6000 people and supported by five NUT Associations: North and South Tyneside , Northumberland, Gateshead, and Newcastle. Daniel’s work within school and the wider local and regional community is  an exemplary contribution to ensuring that prejudice and discrimination is challenged.


Blair Peach award

2017 Nominees

Daniel Kebede – North Tyneside – (winner)
Melissa Hind – Buckinghamshire
David Rey – Redbridge
David Rosenberg – East London
Richard Rose – Cambridgeshire
Sarah Tomlinson /Sally Kincard – Sheffield

2016 Nominees

Baljeet Ghale – Buckinghamshire (winner)
Daniel Kebede  – Gateshead
Tanveer Kauser Jan – Leeds
Pete Smith – Camden
Michael Dance – Redbridge