Rep and officer awards

The NUT Representative and Officer of the Year awards are designed to recognise the contribution made by NUT representatives and officers at a local level. The awards celebrate their hard work and commitment. NUT members are invited to nominate an NUT representative or an officer who has made a difference in their school, academy, college or local area.

Rep and officer awards

The winner of the 2017/18 National Representative of the Year award is Kate Taylor of Birmingham NUT.

Kate has been recognised for her pro-active approach to recruitment and her binding that membership together through monthly meetings. As well as her engagement with the school funding campaign, Kate has also been instrumental in the successful fight against academisation of the STEP schools in South Birmingham. “The positivity and warmth of the campaign was notable,” said a nominator, “involving generations – from children to grandparents – in building family atmosphere.” The campaign also garnered considerable local media attention.

The winner of the 2017/18 National Officer of the Year award is Paul Welch of Durham Division

Paul’s award is in recognition of his work on pay campaigns in local schools, and the campaign against the proposed Durham Independent Grammar School. A prominent figure at RECT events, he has also worked closely with ATL-section colleagues to help forge a strong new union in Durham. To quote one of the nominators, “Many of us in Durham owe our continued activism to Paul’s support and guidance.” Another: “Dozens of teachers in the county owe their continuing careers to Paul.”

In this video the winners of the regional and Wales awards talk about the rewards of their roles and the successes they have achieved.