Soulbury officers

Soulbury-paid officers are specialist, professional local authority officers providing strategic support to schools in areas such as school improvement and educational psychology. Any fully qualified teacher who takes up Soulbury-paid employment is entitled to become or remain a member of the NUT, which leads the national negotiations on behalf of Soulbury-paid employees.

soulbury teachers

Soulbury pay agreement

Information about the pay agreement for September 2018 and 2019 can be found here.

This pay and conditions of service claim has been submitted by the Officers’ Side of the Soulbury Committee.

This NUT briefing gives advice on pay, conditions of service and other matters for Soulbury employees. It tells you how Soulbury pay and conditions compare to those for teachers and for local government employees generally.

This is Soulbury Joint Circular JESC No. 206 which gives the terms of the agreement and provides updated pay scales.

This nationally agreed joint advice is intended to help authorities administer the Soulbury agreement's "Structured Professional Assessment” (SPA) system in a fair and transparent fashion.

Soulbury Pay Agreement – 2014-2016

This is Soulbury Joint Circular JESC No. 198 which gives the terms of the agreement and provides updated pay scales.

This briefing compares pay and conditions of service for school teachers and Soulbury-paid officers in England and Wales.

Many local authorities have sought to transfer employees in central authority services who are employed on school teachers’ pay and conditions on to other pay and conditions, most often Soulbury. This briefing gives NUT advice on the issues involved.

This joint circular gives formal guidance on consultation and negotiation between local authorities and the Soulbury associations at local level and also comments further on the car user allowance scheme.

Local Joint Consultative Committees

The NUT has produced guidance and a model constitution to help Soulbury-paid representatives and members establish local consultative arrangements for Soulbury officers in local authorities.

NUT Guide to Structured Professional Assessment

This document provides guidance for NUT Soulbury-paid members on the application of the Structured Professional Assessment (SPA) system including eligibility, assessment criteria and process, pay progression under the SPA system and appeals arrangements.
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