Prevent Strategy

28 March 2016

NUT Conference 2016

Prevent Strategy

Commenting after the debate on Motion 23, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“The NUT believes there is a moral obligation on schools and teachers to protect children and young people against extremism of whatever nature. The Union does, however, have some concerns regarding aspects of the current Prevent Strategy.

“The NUT supports the call from the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, David Anderson QC, and many others, for a review of Prevent. Evidence shows that grooming by extremist groups happens mainly on social media sites, not on school premises. Schools’ best contribution to countering any behaviour that could be a problem is by encouraging discussion. Some aspects of Prevent inhibit this and it is for this reason that we need a review of the strategy to find the right, and best way to protect children and young people.

“The NUT is calling on the Government to involve the profession in developing alternative strategies to safeguard children and identify risks posed to young people.”

Editor’s Note

NUT Prevent Guidance:

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