Early Years Funding

NUT Conference 2017

Commenting after the debate on Motion 39Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Austerity policies under this Government and its Coalition predecessor have already resulted in cuts to early years education and Sure Start provision, but yet more attacks are planned.  The Government is not protecting early education funding in real terms.  The national funding formula for early years, being imposed by the Government, is simplistic and not based on any objective analysis of the additional funding needed to secure expanded, high-quality early years provision.

“Early years education, run by teachers and properly funded, is an essential building block in our youngest children’s development. Yet despite Government pledges to make early years central to tackling inequality and enhancing social mobility, the funding per child has been frozen since 2013-14, meaning a 4.5% cut per child in real terms.

“It is the quality of childcare that makes the difference in reducing the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers before they start school. Childcare costs in other countries, though comparable with the UK, are often met by far greater state subsidies. This greatly reduces the amount that parents have to pay and affects the type of childcare to which they have access.

“The Government’s funding of nursery education for the youngest children lacks vision and is leaving many children without access to the essential support and services their families may need.”

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