Supply Teachers’ Employment

2 April 2018

Commenting after the debate on Motion 34, Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the NUT section of the National Education Union, said:

“Supply teachers play a vital role in our education system. However, they have had a worsening deal in recent years. Many supply teachers have not seen their pay go up in ten years or more, yet agencies charge schools millions of pounds in fees which do go up every year. 

“Charging schools as much as £100 per day more than the teacher’s own pay is common, as are huge ‘finder’s fees’ when schools wish to take on a supply teacher full time. Schools and teachers cannot afford this system.

“Supply teachers are qualified and experienced teachers. They can adapt quickly and effectively to different schools, pupils, subjects and age groups. But high agency rates are forcing schools to look for cheaper alternatives, such as cover supervisors. The NUT Supply Teachers Network will continue to campaign for alternatives to agencies, including the publicly-operated and non-profit making ‘supply teacher register’ model used in Northern Ireland which saves schools money yet still provides teachers with better pay and pension rights.”

Editor’s Note

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