NEU – NUT Section and Remembering Srebrenica delegation to Bosnia

Event Details

Date: 27-30 May 2018
Venue: Bosnia
Fee: Free for participants (minimum £100 donation to Remembering Srebrenica)

About the delegation:

The NEU - NUT Section, in partnership with the charity Remembering Srebrenica, is pleased to offer members (and in particular International Solidarity Officers) a unique opportunity to visit Bosnia from 27-30 May 2018. The purpose of the visit is to inspire members to take action to raise awareness of the genocide in Srebrenica in their schools and local community after they return.

Delegation fee:

The delegation is free to attend, but a minimum £100 donation to the charity is required to secure your commitment.

How to apply:

Click here for more information regarding the application process.

The deadline for the receipt of nominations is Friday 6 April 2018. If you have any further questions please email

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