The NUT’s parliamentary work aims to develop effective working relationships with members of both Houses of Parliament. We seek to influence politicians across the political spectrum, policy, parliamentary debate and legislation on education issues as well as those which impact on teachers and children more generally.

The NUT regularly submits written evidence and gives oral evidence to parliamentary inquiries as well as briefing MPs, Peers and local government.

The Chancellor’s Budget Statement on 8 March was deeply disappointing. At a time when schools and colleges are struggling to make ends meet, the Government decided to plough extra money into the opening of new free schools and grammar schools for which there is absolutely no need. These are simply the wrong priorities. The NUT’s School Cuts campaign continues.

Parliamentary Select Committees
Please find below examples of the NUT’s involvement in the work of Select Committees.

Children and young people's mental health - role of education inquiry
NUT Written Evidence – February 2017

The Financial Sustainability of Schools inquiry
NUT Written Evidence – January 2017

Primary Assessment
NUT Written Evidence – November 2016

Post-16 Education Area Reviews
NUT Written Evidence – October 2016

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in Schools
NUT Oral Evidence – Rosamund McNeil, Head of Education and Equality (14 June 2016)
NUT Written Evidence – June 2016

Multi Academy Trusts
NUT Written Evidence – May 2016

Gender Pay Gap
NUT Oral Evidence – Amanda Brown, Assistant General Secretary (12 January 2016)
NUT Written Evidence – February 2016

Supply of Teachers
NUT Oral Evidence – Kevin Courtney (9 December 2015)
NUT Written Evidence – December 2015

Academies and Free Schools
NUT oral evidence – Kevin Courtney (14 October 2014)
NUT written evidence – December 2013

Early Day Motions (EDMs) we support:
Standard Attainment Tests (SATS) in Primary Schools (tabled 26.10.16)
Inclusive Education for Disabled Persons (tabled 15.09.16)
Scrapping School Sprinklers (tabled 14.09.16)
Children Displaced by War (tabled 05.09.16)
Statutory Maximum Working Temperature (tabled 18.07.16)

Further information
For further information about the NUT’s work in Westminster or for advice about how to lobby your MP locally, please contact the Union’s Parliamentary Officer Chris Brown on 0207 380 4712 or

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