Email Curfews

27 July 2015

Commenting on Nicky Morgan’s suggestion in today’s Daily Telegraph that teachers should not deal with schoolwork and email after 5pm, Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“It is a fine aspiration to seek to put limits on the working hours of teachers and head teachers, and to find a path towards a proper work/life balance. Sadly, schools cannot simply decide to reject the Department for Education and Ofsted’s accountability agenda. Nor can workload be entirely solved by better time organisation at school level, as reporting of this curfew seems to suggest.

“Schools cannot magic away the bureaucracy which is routinely dumped upon them and which leads to enormous workload for all staff - some 55-60 hours per week by the Government’s own measure. This is driving many teachers out of the profession and we now face a recruitment crisis. Nicky Morgan is na├»ve and delusional to believe otherwise. She should address herself to the roots of the problem, which unquestionably lay at her door.”

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