Grammar Schools

13 April 2017

Commenting on the Education Secretary's announcement that grammar schools will help 'ordinary working families' , Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the NUT, the largest teachers’ union, said;

"At a time of a school funding and teacher recruitment and retention crisis it is ridiculous that Justine Greening is concentrating on the expansion of grammar schools. They will do nothing for social mobility; creating a raft of secondary modern schools in their wake and returning England to a two tier education system that was deemed unfit decades ago.

'The education secretary has not confirmed there will be quotas for pupils from disadvantaged families making a mockery of claims that this policy will benefit poorer families. What is more likely to happen is a system whereby a few hand picked "deserving" working class children are put forward for additional tutoring to get them through the 11+.

'Children should not have their futures decided by a test at 11years old. Let's remember this: new grammar schools were not in the Conservative Party manifesto in 2015 so they have no electoral mandate for such change.This however was in their manifesto: "Under a future Con Govt the money following your child into school will be protected". The government is demonstrating yet again that it has the wrong priorities for education, children and young people".

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