Grammar Schools

13 February 2017

Commenting on the Commons Education Committee’s Evidence Check on grammar schools, Rosamund McNeil, Head of Education at the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“The Select Committee report shows that Theresa May’s vision for the opening of new grammar schools is not grounded in facts or evidence, and springs from a dangerously simplistic understanding of how the grammar system worked in the past. The report also makes clear that most evidence-led countries are moving away from selection, and are choosing instead to delay selection until 18.

“The Select Committee points to the fact that the Government has not been able to produce evidence to show how the creation of new grammar schools will help close the attainment gap between socio economic groups. This is for the very simple reason that there is no evidence.

“In light of this thorough examination, teachers, parents and many MPs would be incredulous if Theresa May were to push ahead with the introduction of new grammar schools. There really are more than enough serious problems facing our education system at present, such as an acute funding crisis and huge issues with teacher supply. It is here that the Government needs to be acting, not pursuing this fanciful pet project.”

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