Labour Party on class sizes and school funding

21 April 2017

Commenting on Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn’s speech, Amanda Brown, Assistant General Secretary, National Union of Teachers said:

“Jeremy Corbyn is right that school funding is resulting in increased class sizes. It is also impacting negatively on the overall educational experience schools can afford to offer children and young people. All political parties need to be aware this will be a huge issue during the General Election.

‘Parents, head teachers and governors have not been fooled by the current Government’s rhetoric on school funding. They have tangible evidence of the havoc insufficient funding is having including reduced staffing levels, dropping arts subjects from the curriculum and even looking at reducing the hours schools are kept open.

‘It is an insult to the intelligence of British voters for the Government to keep repeating that more money is going into schools than ever before. There are more pupils than ever before and we know that for 99% of schools there will be real terms cuts to their funding.  The Shadow Chancellor at the NUT Annual Conference pledged to fully fund our schools. Other parties would be wise to follow suit.”

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