Nicky Morgan attends tonight's NUT Education Question Time

20 March 2015

Ahead of tonight's NUT-organised event in Loughborough* which features Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, fellow panellist Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers' union, said:

"The NUT's Education Question Times are a great opportunity for parents, teachers and the general public to put their questions to the politicians in the run up to the election about education issues that concern them.

"Issues surrounding school place planning, worries about the free school and academies programme alongside the curriculum and examination reform, are matters that concern many people other than teachers. Parents and carers see the results on their children of the often ill-thought out and rushed education reforms that have been happening over recent years.

"Education ministers spend far too long taking advice from people who have never been in a classroom. Ignoring the voice of parents and teachers is a mistake. Change is not always a bad thing but it has to be informed and made in consultation with the profession and interested bodies.

"Tonight will be an interesting and lively debate. The NUT sincerely hopes that politicians will listen and heed what is said. With over 1,000 teachers in each constituency our voice cannot be ignored. Whoever forms the next Government must be made aware that education is travelling in the wrong direction with serious consequences for teachers, pupils and education."

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