Public Accounts Committee’s damning report on school funding

29 March 2017

Commenting on the Commons Public Accounts Committee’s report Financial sustainability of schools, Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“This is yet another nail in the coffin of the Government’s school funding policy.  It is quickly becoming the case that no one other than the Prime Minister believes that the school system can manage on existing funding, let alone absorb the impact of a new funding formula introduced alongside a cash freeze on school budgets.

“The report quite rightly points out that schools are being forced to make unacceptable choices that will harm the education of children and young people. The Government’s only defence is that it thinks schools can manage their budgets through better procurement and using staff more efficiently.  The NUT entirely agrees with the Public Accounts Committee that this is ‘delusional’. Rather than schools becoming more efficient they will be making cuts which are damaging to our children’s education.

“It is high time that the Government accepted it is wrong. Schools cannot manage on the funding the Government plans to give them. We need to be investing in our schools, not forcing them to run a second class education system on shoe string budgets.”

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