Queen’s Speech and School Funding

27 June 2017

Commenting on this afternoon’s Commons debate, Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Justine Greening has demonstrated today in the House of Commons debate on Education that she and her Government are not listening to the very real and pressing concerns about school funding. It is wholly wrong of the Education Secretary to impugn the integrity of heads and teachers who are concerned about the devastating cuts which their schools face. Her remarks in the Commons today demonstrate a complete tin ear on the issue of funding 

“After a deeply disappointing Queen’s Speech last week that announced no additional resources to ease the education funding crisis, schools and colleges in England and Wales are looking on askance at a £1bn-plus hand out to Northern Ireland to prop up the Conservative Government. 

“All schools across the UK should be given the resources they need to deliver the high quality education that all children and young people deserve.

“If schools in England were given the same proportion of extra funding as announced to NI yesterday, head teachers in England would receive over £550 million. Heads in Wales would be sharing the best part of £31 million extra. 

“Ministers need to explain in the Commons today what apart from the Irish Sea stands in the way of schools in England and Wales benefitting from the additional resources that colleagues in Northern Ireland are receiving. 

“Yet again the Government is choosing to ignore the voice of head teachers and parents who know what is happening as a result of a lack of money in their schools. They will not be silenced.”

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