Work Your Proper Hours Day

24 February 2017

Commenting on the TUC’s latest analysis of unpaid overtime, which shows an average 12.1hrs per worker for teaching and educational professionals, putting them second only to Chief Executives (13.2hrs), Kevin Courtney, General Secretary, National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Once again, the TUC has found that teachers and the education sector as a whole are subject to enormous levels of unpaid overtime. This situation is untenable. Long and unmanageable working hours are the biggest single reason cited by teachers for leaving the profession.

“It is the Government's obsession with continual change alongside punitive accountability and assessment measures which has created this problem. These measures are all about providing data for bureaucrats and not preparing exciting lessons for children and young people. It is high time the Government addressed it seriously, starting by publishing the results of the working time survey it carried out in March 2016 and has sat on ever since.”

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