Categorization part of a growing narrative of success

28 January 2016

NUT Cymru, the largest union for qualified teachers in Wales, has warned against drawing any definitive conclusions from the categorization results. NUT Cymru say the figures are a snapshot but do build on a developing picture of success for those involved in Welsh education.

NUT Cymru Secretary, David Evans, said:

“We shouldn’t make any specific judgements on the basis of categorization results alone. Schools in the green category may still need support in certain areas, while there is undoubtable excellent teaching and learning taking place within aspects of those schools placed in yellow, amber and red. We must see categorization as part of the wider evaluation of schools, and more specifically as a way of identifying what support is needed, rather than a simple mechanism for judgement.

“However, what we can see is that these results, taken alongside the constructive and positive Estyn report; the fantastic GCSE and A Level results and other encouraging indicators, are part of a growing narrative of a system increasing in morale and succeeding in making real progress. Teachers across Wales should be commended for their commitment and dedication to standards. Hopefully as the new curriculum is introduced and the New Deal for teachers is developed further we can continue to build on the success we are seeing.”