NUT Cymru comment on new teacher training changes

15 March 2017

The largest union representing teachers in Wales has given its reaction to the proposed changes to initial teacher training.

NUT Cymru Secretary, David Evans, said:

“NUT Cymru have largely welcomed both the Donaldson review into the curriculum and the Furlong report on initial teacher training. We saw both these reports as offering a more child-centred approach to education which valued the importance of the professionalism of the teaching workforce. Naturally to implement the recommendations of these reports it is right that changes are made to the way we train the workforce. If we are asking teachers to do things differently, with the skills we want our teachers to develop changing, that needs to be reflected in the initial teacher training programme.

“The changes put forward by the Welsh Government do reflect the need for a greater emphasis on the research capacity of the teaching profession, and to enhance the skills of teachers around curriculum design. For too long support in those areas has been limited due to the Welsh Government operating a highly prescriptive approach to the sector. We must make sure that as we make the change to a more innovative way of teaching pupils those entering the profession, and those already working within the sector, are given the right kind of training, excellent pay and conditions and the right level of support.”