NUT comment on GCSE Results

20 August 2015

Commenting on this year’s GCSE results, NUT Wales Secretary, David Evans, said:

“This has been another fantastic set of results that reflect the hard work, dedication and commitment of pupils and their teachers.  At times teaching can feel like a thankless task but today is the sort of day that makes it all worthwhile as the investment in developing a pupil to their potential is realised.  That Welsh teachers and students have ensured a stability of high quality results at a time of major changes in education policies and financial cuts is something that should be commended.

“It is especially pleasing to see improvements in those fundamental core subjects of science and English which are often key areas for employers and higher education institutions.  No doubt these results will act as a good basis for Welsh pupils to enter the work place or continue with their education in schools.”

David Evans added:

“Of course maintaining such high standards is always going to be a challenge but even more so in today’s incredibly difficult financial climate.  Schools are seeing major cuts to the funding available to them and that is ultimately going to impact on the standards of education on offer.  If we wish to see continued progress and build on another excellent set of results we do need to review the sort of resources available to schools.”