NUT comment on new Curriculum Timetable

22 October 2015

Commenting on the new Curriculum Timetable, NUT General Secretary, CHRISTINE BLOWER, said:

“The NUT, representing teachers in Wales and England, is immensely heartened by the aspirations and commitments that are now part of mainstream educational dialogue in Wales. NUT Cymru has supported the curriculum review throughout the process. The findings of the report have been well received by the profession and offer a more child focused approach to how we deliver education.

"What has been positive from the outset is that the Minister has given the profession his backing and insisted they will get the time and space they need to develop the new curriculum properly. Setting the time scales that have been released today, with the curriculum and assessment arrangements in place by 2018 does appear to reduce the flexibility that was previously available. We all want to create a lasting curriculum that will empower teachers and pupils but there will be some concern that these shortened time scales could lead to a rushed approach that doesn't do justice to the excellent cooperative work that has been integral to the approach thus far.

“The contribution of Welsh and Scottish educators to the conference today show that a positive vision of education has taken shape in Britain - one from which, regrettably, England is being steered away. Partnership, inclusivity, a broad curriculum and an accountability system that is not dominated by metrics are principles that teachers will want to sign up to, wherever they work.

“Teachers in Wales will expect the Welsh Government to monitor and listen to the views of the profession on the implementation of these necessary initiatives.”