NUT Cymru comment on A-Level results

13 August 2015

NUT Cymru, Wales’ largest union for qualified teachers, has sent its congratulations to the thousands of youngsters across the country, together with everyone involved in their achievements, as they celebrate their A Level results.

NUT Cymru Policy Officer, Owen Hathway, said:

“Students and teachers across Wales should be proud of the results they have secured.  Many months of hard work and dedication have gone into ensuring that these high standards have been achieved.  Very often students will have gained their grades as a result of the extra work teachers have put in above and beyond their working hours.  That cooperation and commitment has made it possible for so many students to reach, and in many cases exceed, their own expectations.  Everyone involved should be commended for that and should enjoy their success.

“It is obviously especially pleasing to see the percentage of students who achieved the top A* grade rise again this year.

“What we must of course guard against is a failure to sustain the sort of progress we have seen.  Year on year Welsh students and teachers have delivered fantastic results.  However, we are seeing significant challenges to school budgets which will put pressure on schools in ways that we have potentially not seen in Wales in the past.  There will inevitably have to be questions asked if these excellent results can be maintained against this funding gap.”