NUT Cymru respond to Education Minister’s statement on the curriculum

30 June 2015

Wales’ largest union for qualified teachers has welcomed the decision by the Education Minister to accept in full the recommendations of the Donaldson review. 

NUT Cymru have praised the Minister for recognising the need to involve the profession in implementing curriculum reform as well as in not rushing through the proposals.  The union have also commended the move to appoint Professor Donaldson to the new independent body advising the Government on delivery of the reforms.

NUT Cymru Policy Officer, Owen Hathway, said:
“We welcome the fact the Education Minister has accepted the principles of the Donaldson review in full.  We also welcome the very sensible approach the Minister has taken in not setting unrealistic timescales for implementation. 

“The proposals are a radical departure from how the curriculum has been delivered in the past and will require a major change, not only in how the teaching profession go about their work, but also in how local authorities, regional consortia, Estyn and the Welsh Government act.

“NUT Cymru look forward to working with the Welsh Government on these reforms to ensure that the teaching profession have the right support, time and space to get this right.  We want this to be a lasting and sustainable change.”

Owen Hathway added:

“It is particularly pleasing that Professor Donaldson will remain an integral part of the process by taking up a role with the independent advisory group.

“Professor Donaldson’s approach helped ensure that these are reforms based on practitioner input and with support from teachers across Wales.  That he will support, and no doubt where needed hold the Welsh Government to account on implementation, will certainly provide some assurances that we do not stray too far away from the original principles of his work over the coming years.”