NUT Cymru Respond to Estyn Report

24 January 2017

Wales’s largest teaching union have responded to this year’s annual Estyn report. NUT Cymru say that the report highlights the views that their members have expressed for a number of years about the lack of access to high quality professional development.

NUT Cymru Secretary, David Evans, said:

“The key findings of the report are not a major surprise. The idea that there needs to be a focus on professional development for teachers tells us nothing we did not already know and that the NUT have not been saying for some time.

“No one would argue with the notion of promoting school to school collaboration or better access to professional development. The reality is that there remain significant barriers to ensuring this happens. From a lack of high quality training provision, a lack of financial resources to release teachers or workload pressures making non-classroom activity almost impossible.

“The Welsh Government has in recent years acknowledged these issues and the former Education Secretary Huw Lewis did promise a New Deal for teachers that would allow development throughout their careers but without the necessary resource to enable them to do so. As a consequence it was never really going to make an impact. Now, at the time of major educational reforms, such as the development of a new curriculum, it is more important than ever to tackle these issues head on with realistic proposals that are properly and adequately resourced.”