NUT Cymru Response to OECD Report

28 February 2017

Responding to the OECD report published today, David Evans, NUT Cymru's Secretary, said:

"In many cases what the report outlines are age old arguments that everyone is very aware of and, in principle, committed to improving. Recommendations such as raising the status of the profession, ensuring quality continued professional development and developing a long term vision for education are exactly what previous reports by the OECD and others have stated. In part we can reflect on this as a consistent narrative that supports the direction unions have been setting and, at least in recent years, the Welsh Government have been more aligned with. At the same time it is somewhat depressing that once again these recommendations are problems that are outstanding.

"The Welsh Government will no doubt reflect on this report as a vindication of some of their approach. Certainly in the round it does confirm that on many things we have been working in partnership in the right way. It is clearly a better endorsement than the last OECD report. However there must not be complacency and there will need to be some deep and honest thinking about why some of the same issues are being highlighted again."

Notes to Editor:
The full report can be found here.