NUT welcomes Donaldson Review

25 February 2015

Wales’ largest union for qualified teachers has welcomed the exciting proposals put forward by Professor Graham Donaldson as part of his comprehensive review into the curriculum in Wales. NUT Cymru says they will now evaluate the findings in full detail and look forward to working with the Welsh Government to ensure that the expert knowledge of classroom practitioners are central to the way the process moves forward in future.

Wales Secretary, David Evans, said:
“Professor Donaldson deserves a great deal of credit and thanks, not simply for setting a potentially radical direction for the curriculum in Wales, but for the engaging and committed way in which he has undertaken his review.

“It is extremely positive to have seen a review of this nature actively seek to understand the views of the teaching profession and allow those teachers to have a sense of ownership of what is recommended in the final report.

“There are a lot of recommendations to take into consideration and undoubtedly they are equally challenging and exciting and will stir a lot of debate within the system over the coming months.

“Of course this is merely the beginning of the process of shaping Wales’ next curriculum. It is absolutely critical now that what Professor Donaldson has set in motion is implemented fully in conjunction with the profession. It is encouraging that the Education Minister has already stated his willingness to ensure that it is teachers themselves who now take this on. No one understands what will work and what is needed better than the experts in our classrooms. Their voice and knowledge is essential.”